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The Sanirise Mission

From our family at Sanirise to yours:

We know it is frustrating to find empty shelves and see your favorite products out of stock. We are working round the clock to produce hand sanitizers and wipes in this time of need, and we are adjusting our plans daily to serve our customers and community. Above all else, know we are committed to getting hand sanitizers & wipes made and shipped out as soon as possible.

We wanted to provide some specific steps we’ve taken to meet the increased demand for our products:


- Over the last few weeks, we’ve increased our production five times over. 


- While we are experiencing delays in processing orders, we are staffing up our fulfillment operations to process more orders faster. Rest assured that our dedicated shipping team here in Pennsylvania is working hard to get packages out as soon as possible. 


- As a family-operated, American based company, we are committed to quickly responding to the demand and your questions while never compromising on quality. 


Trust is not a trend: it is earned over time. From the beginning, our community - which includes you - has trusted us to help keep them and their families safe and healthy. We continue to be here for you, and will continue to do our best to serve you, now and always.

We will email you with tracking information as soon as your order ships (reminder: allow up to 4 weeks). If you have any questions regarding your order, please reach out to

In Health,
Brendan & Jennifer, Team Sanirise ❤️